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English With Lucy On How To Become A Successful Youtuber

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So, how did an English teacher become a big hit online in just under a year?

Lucy has recently found success making fun and instructional videos on Youtube, teaching English as a second language. She started doing videos when she needed help teaching grammar to her students. She then found out that most of the videos up at the time were boring and uninteresting, she wanted to do something similar but with a completely different approach, thus “English With Lucy” was born.

“It really is  [about] taking someone else’s idea and doing it in a unique way.” Lucy says, then goes on to advise aspiring Youtubers not go into it thinking you will be a full time Youtuber because that’s a luxury that you need to earn and even then, it’s not guaranteed at all.


Dont’ copy other youtubers!

Pro-tip for Youtubers: It’s important to Look at your real-time views

Look at your channel and see what videos have gotten the most views in the last 14 hours so you can see if Youtube is really recommending your videos.

SECRETS to Achieving Success with Youtube:

SECRET #1: Analytics and Social Blade are your best friends.

– It’s important to follow the normal best practices because these are going to get far and help you keep the people you’ve already got.  However, if you want to achieve more, you have to make use of the tools available such as the analytics and Social Blade. Use them, study them, and look at your views and how it changes overtime.

SECRET #2: Use a number in your title

-The videos that get the most tips in real time are usually lists. Ex: Top 10 Words You Pronounce Incorrectly

SECRET #3: Study the competition

-Never do this in an offensive or deliberate way. Social blade is such a great tool for this because it allows you to look at anyone’s growth overtime.

SECRET #4: Compare your channel fluctuations with similar channels

-As humans, we always tend to compare ourselves to others, but it’s important to remember not to attach your ego to your subscribers. Instead, you want to analyse where other Youtubers did well and why. You want to look deeper into it and understand why they are having such great success.

SECRET #5: Take a Youtube Trend and Adapt it to your Channel

-Youtube trends are a great way to generate more views but you have to give it your own flavor or it won’t be as effective.

The Big Question: Can you make money just from Youtube?

With Ad revenue, you can expect to earn a dollar per thousand views. For international audience however, different ad revenues apply depending on the country your video is directed at. But ultimately, ad revenue is a very basic salary.

Sponsored content can get more exciting, but be careful as it’s easy to alienate your viewers this way.



What camera do you use? Canon 60D

What editing software do you use? Final Cut Pro

Fave social media platform to push her youtube channel? Facebook (Facebook Live)

How does Lucy manage to stay consistent? Batch filming

Biggest tip: “Find a niche, look at what others are already doing and it better.”

Bonus Tip: For collaboration with other Youtubers, approach them with a clear idea of what you want to achieve and show them the benefit of doing it with you.




English With Lucy Youtube Channel 

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