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Beauty Youtuber Chanel Ambrose ‘How To Get More than 200,000 Subscribers’

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Chanel Ambrose is a beauty youtuber from London, Mum & owner of beauty brand Amby Rose. In this exclusive interview with Chanel, we find out how she grew a large, engaged following on youtube.


How To Get More Than 200,000 Youtube Subscribers


  • CONSISTENCY – Chanel had been consistent for 3 years straight with weekly uploads to build up her youtube subscribers


  • CONTENT – Be dedicated to making professional content


  • WORK HARD – You must keep working hard


  • TRENDS – Jump onto trends like ‘Day In The Life’. Chanel Ambrose did videos targeted at women with darker skin. Be open to try out different trends


  • STRATEGY – Think of ways how you can engage with your current subscribers in different ways and bring in new subscribers at the same time


  • NETWORK – Meet other youtubers offline and collab with them


  • COMMENT – The power of commenting on other people’s youtube videos. Write thoughtful or interesting comments on other youtubers content. This is a much better way of drawing attention to your youtube channel and increasing your subscribers than spamming and writing ‘please subscribe to my youtube channel’!!!





What camera do you use? Canon 70d with the kit lens


Editing software? iMovie


Your secret tactic to getting more youtube subscribers? Make ‘trending’ videos


How do you stay consistent on youtube? Scheduling my videos and recording them


Biggest tip to someone wanting to start a youtube channel today? Choose a good username, think about your branding from the start



Thank you so much to Chanel Ambrose for being part of YT CLUB. Amazing, professional and genuine woman so make sure you connect with her



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